Williston Public School District #1

Williston, North Dakota



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Williston Public School District #1 requires all students who wish to enroll in the district schools to be residents of District #1. The only exceptions are high school students who live in School District #8, Williston School District employee children, and those who have a tuition agreement with the district.

How do I know if I live in District #1?

Finding out which school district you live in is just a few clicks away!

Follow this link to find out if your home is in Williston School District
Location Search!!


1. Type in your house number only, not your entire address

2. Press submit search

3. Scroll through the list of addresses until you find your address

4. Click on the ID number on the left (a blue link)

5. In the lower right hand corner it will list your school district.

6. If you cannot find your address you may call the district office at 701-572-1580